Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Power Back On

We were without power for more than 2 hours tonight - that is likely what affected the webcam.

Dear Anonymous,

December 2010, North Side

Here is a photo for you. Thanks for your comment today - I'm glad that the photos I posted today helped in some small way to lift your spirits. Maybe we've met? Maybe we haven't. In any case, I wish you well in your recovery, and I'll keep posting photos for you.

Road Conditions

The temperature is 0C at 4:45pm - it got up to plus1C this afternoon. You know the surface is slick when the plowing/sanding truck loses traction going uphill with chains on. I don't have an update on the Argo section of road, the top end of the Emcon section is being widened now, but I would guess that it will take another day for snow removal to catch up, and widen village and main roads.

I've heard lots of stories of snow related accidents on the main highways in the last 24 hours.

I won't be calling my road info source - he'll need some sleep when he parks.

If you are coming up for the weekend, I hope your boots, snow pants and shovels are with you, not in the cabin.


This time last year, we had less snow, and less optimism. Here's hoping there will be news soon.
I took these on my walk after clearing the driveway again.

This one is for you Mark.

I think he misses you MAV, apprentice in your machine today.

We could get out if need be - have not heard about the Argo section of the road - assume they are busy after 7 inches of heavy wet snow in Oliver.

Just talked to her Bill - she is in there, and fine.

I didn't think anyone had gone anywhere today, but this looks like Al did a lot of digging this morning.

Looks like Tom is staying home too.

Baldy Patroller Stevely getting close to opening his business - Story from Castanet

New distillery in South Okanagan

Oliver is known for its wineries, but visitors will soon have the opportunity to sample spirits made at a new distillery just off the highway, north of town.
Owner Grant Stevely is hoping to open the Dubh Glas Distillery in Gallagher Lake in December.
"Gin by Christmas is our goal," he said, as he led a tour of the site.
Stevely spent 18 years working in management for a ski area in Banff before moving to the Okanagan three years ago.
The main reason for his move was to start his own business.
"I knew I wanted to start a distillery, because I've always had a passion for whiskey," he said. "I also saw distilleries as a growth industry in the province, and narrowed where I wanted to be down to the Okanagan, after trips to the wineries here."
He and his business partner began looking for a property, and found the right one near the highway on Gallagher Lake Frontage Road.
They started building over a year ago and had hoped to open in July of 2014, but encountered a few hurdles along the way.
One was the specialized nature of some of the equipment. For example it took a year to get the Holstein still.
"What's happened is a worldwide demand for distillery equipment has put pressure on the manufacturers," he said.
Any new construction, he added, is also a challenge.
After the still came in, they soon received the stainless steel tanks.
Now that everything is onsite, they are just waiting for the installers to come from Hungary and California.
When they open their doors, hopefully on Dec. 15, the first product available will be the Noteworthy Gin.
In addition, they will offer a new barley spirit (commonly known as Moonshine) for at-home aging in small, one-litre oak barrels.
As the distillery grows -- there are already plans to expand the current building -- they will offer fresh fruit liqueurs and whiskey.
"We are doing much like other distilleries, using the culled fruit to make a viable product, as opposed to it ending up in a landfill," said Stevely. "Basically there are two types of distillers in BC. One is a craft distiller and the other is commercial. I fall under the craft distiller heading which means making spirits with 100 per cent BC grown ingredients."
Even the label on the Noteworthy Gin is reflective of their focus on local agriculture. It features Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture and grain crops.
And whiskey will be offered down the road.
"The whiskey is our future for sure," said Stevely. "But it requires three years to age, so we need to sell other product as well."
Although there have been roadblocks along the way, Stevely is excited to see his business shaping up the way he wants it to.
"I just enjoy the whole process," he said. "Artists use paintbrushes, a distiller has a lot of tools in their toolbox to create their artwork. That is what makes each distillery in BC unique."

I guess I'm not going to town today............

I cleared the truck off and cleaned the driveway yesterday afternoon - another 27cms since 4:00 yesterday afternoon.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The year was................2008

This one is for you, Jess and Nicole.

Dividend Spring

Ski Patrol Training

"Skippy's" Boat

Ethel Jones

40th Anniversary Pot Luck

Russ - 10  year service award.

We skied Baldy in 1968

This group was part of the Baldy Family by 1978.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Where's Argo?

Just had a call (2:40) from cabin owners who couldn't make it up McKinney Road from Oliver - no plowing on the Argo section. They are making phone calls, so hopefully a truck will be up soon. First time in almost 25 years that this couple couldn't make it up the hill.

4:20 - Interesting update - Argo did get a call early this morning.............

Friday, November 21, 2014

Our Kind of Storm

Saturday morning update - settled accumulation from Friday and Friday night, 23cms.

Friday Update

It has been snowing steadily since 11:00am.

To be honest, my optimism is slowly fading for the upcoming season. The Sugar Lump Chair is serviced and ready to run, but activity has not ramped up as one would expect by today's date.

I expected that we would get some answers this week, but there has been no announcement.

Will wait and see.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


It is minus3C and snowing, work is being done, and I don't have anything else to tell you. It is getting more difficult for me to "shop local". Everywhere I go in Oliver I am asked questions that I don't have answers for.

Fingers still crossed.