Thursday, December 18, 2014

Photo Help Wanted

I won't be out and about at the mountain for some time. Please help me keep the blog fresh by sharing your photos.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Others Falling

If my earlier post didn't convince you to watch for ice, I am aware of three more falls - the others are intact.

Today's tidbit -parking lot cleared today.

Community Events

Season’s Greetings fellow Mount Baldy Lovers!


Re:  Mt. Baldy Community Calendar


As we don’t know anything yet as to whether or not the hill is going to open this season and in order to ensure that there are some activities over the winter to keep our social connections going, we are sending this email out to get all of us thinking.  Think tank open!!


If by some miracle the hill opens then these plans can be changed, but if there isn’t any action on the hill and the lodge remains closed it will give us some outings. 


Last year we had open houses at different cabins, ladies snow shoes, games nights and some other main events like the Valentines Snow Shoe, the Frisbee Golf Tournaments, the Beach Party, the Adult Scavenger Hunt, a St. Patty’s Party, the Pig Roast and the Christmas Carolling (just to name a few).  A lot of great ideas and a lot of fun which made for a great season at Mt. Baldy – thank you everyone.  


If you are interested in opening up your cabin for a social gathering, planning an event or helping out with an event then please send your ideas and the date you are thinking of to Cat and myself and we will set up a schedule:  The Mt. Baldy Community Calendar 2014/15.


So far we have:

·       A ladies snow shoe on Sundays starting January 4 and going every second Sunday at 10 am.  People can bring a lunch and we can either eat out or go to a cabin if it is cold. 


The holidays are almost here:

·       What would Christmas Eve be without our traditional Christmas carolling throughout the village?  Is anyone is interested in organizing a bon fire and carolling for Christmas Eve? 

·       What about a New Year’s Eve gathering?


Any other ideas?  Please send your ideas, dates and what you are willing to do to this email address and we will pull it all together and send it out. 


If you know someone who is not on this list but would like to be included, then feel free to forward this.  Send us other email addresses and we will add them to the group. 


Hilary Drummond
Cathy Gale


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dangerous Ice - Thank-you Baldy Family

I posted the other day that the village roads were icy and sanding had to be done. Driveways and walkways are icy too, and now covered with a skiff of snow.  I knew my driveway was icy - I had sanded it - twice. Yesterday I was headed out to return a ski patrol radio, in preparation for a trip east for Christmas.

I lost my footing, and slid under the back of my truck. With radio in hand, I was able to call for help. Fractured humerus, trip cancelled. If something bad is going to happen, it is comforting to be surrounded by Baldy family. Matt and Terry were great - Matt drove me to the hospital and avoided most of the potholes. I was welcomed to the ER by a nurse I know from Baldy, and the Doctor on duty was a Baldy cabin owner. I will forgive Matt for cutting off my Neil Diamond t-shirt. The first thing he said when Laurie met us at the hospital - "Sam swore at me. " He won't let me forget that one anytime soon.

Thanks for all your help, Matt, Terry, Randal, Maryann, Laurie, Paul and Lorraine.

My ski season could be over, but there is still a chance for yours. Lift inspection was completed Monday.

Be aware of the ice.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Rant of the day..........

I trashed the previous version of this post. I've said it all before.

Back in 1968, there were sleds for work and recreation that were not intrusive.

Terry Smith 1968, Bryan Gough Photo

Today's sleds are much more powerful, and much noisier.
I will never understand reckless operation of a snowmobile, particularly when children are involved.

Monday Update

Looking for a Monday update? I haven't had a chance to talk to my source, but I can tell you that work is continuing up here, one of the "solution makers" was here for a couple of days last week, but I still don't have any word on a deal or announcement.

Sad News, Rest in Peace, Ron Roylance

I had a message this morning from Diane Roylance asking me to get the word out to the Baldy Family that Ron Roylance passed away on Friday December 12th, at age 85. He had been ill for some time, and the family is relieved that he is at peace. A memorial for Ron will be postponed until the spring. Our thoughts are with Audrey, Pat, Rhonda, Diane and families.

Audrey and Ron at Jewel Lake

Friday, December 12, 2014

It had to be done.........

Usual practice in the village is not to apply sand on the roads. The freeze thaw cycles this week turned the village roads to ice. They have now been sanded, and are OK, but take it easy behind the wheel and when walking. It was an eye opener watching the sanding truck slide while applying the sand.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Interesting Trip to Town Today

It was snowing at Baldy when I left for town this afternoon,  and pretty wet the rest of the way. I just got off the phone with Argo and Telus.

Road eroding from water in the next photo - ruts were deeper when I came home. Just below 18km

Big Puddle below 18km - draining to ditch, then eroding the road below - see photo above.

This snapped pole is at 30km - apparently clipped by logging equipment that was being moved from Alden Road to Wapiti.