Friday, July 31, 2015

Newby Lake Flare-up?

Significant smoke that appears to be around the same location as the Newby Lake Fire, burning in Washington State for nearly a month.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Baldy Entrepreneurs

The full time Baldy residents are well aware of the importance of reducing forest fuels in the village, and most have outside taps and roof sprinklers. Two full timers are looking for small jobs closer to home, and are available for raking pine needles etc. If you need a hand, call Terry and Nicole for more info.

BC Parks Art Contest

Art contest for kids, cool prizes.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

B 17 Bomber - Tours and Ride of a Lifetime - Penticton This Week

With thanks to Castanet.

B-17 bomber flight
Thank you Tony and Morgan Munday for this photo.
It's not every day members of the media get to fly over Okanagan Lake in a grand old warbird, but on Monday they got to do just that.
Reporters and others were invited for a flight aboard the B-17 bomber, Sentimental Journey, which arrived at Penticton Regional Airport this morning.
It was exciting, loud and a trip down memory lane. It was also smooth sailing, compared to the bone-chilling temperatures in an unpressurized plane and enemy fire crews dealt with during the Second World War.
"You can watch this on TV, but if you get in and go for a flight, you get a small taste of what veterans went through when they went on a mission," said chief pilot Russ Gilmore.
The first B-17 rolled out in 1935 at the Boeing plant in Seattle. One local reporter exclaimed, at the time, "It's a regular fortress."
Thus it became known as the Flying Fortress. She flew in both the European and Asian theatres during the war.
Today, only about 50 still exist worldwide and only 10 still fly.
The fully restored Sentimental Journey is now flown by the Commemorative Air Force Airbase Arizona, a flying museum staffed by volunteers.
There was already big interest from the public when it arrived at the Penticton airport. With people of all ages gathering around the plane to take pictures.
Big draws included the chance to speak with the crew and the image of movie star Betty Grable on the side of the bomber.
The Grable image ended up on the B-17 because it was voted by Second World War vets as the most popular pinup picture.
The public is invited to just tour the bomber or take a flight this week at the airport.
Flight costs are $425 U.S. for the radio room/waist gunner or $850 U.S. for the navigator

Monday, July 27, 2015

Latest from South East Fire Centre

Frisbee Golf - Gulf Islands Style

Mayne Island, Disc Golf

Stolen from Sidley Mountain Auto

Stolen Sunday night from Sidley Mountain Auto. Seen today near Baldy. If you see it, please call RCMP.

"We had a 1988 Lebaron Convertable ( black roof ) stolen last night. Spotted by highways crew  heading towards Baldy, they were very close to the lodge.   It has damage to the passenger door.


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sigh of relief, Teneycke taken in to custody this morning

Reports that Teneycke was taken in to custody near Cawston this morning. Yesterday, an Oliver man was shot during an altercation with the bad guy stealing his truck. Facebook reports from the family indicate the injured Oliver man is doing well after surgery. Will post official news releases when I get them. I will be removing all the other stuff about Teneycke from the blog.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Fairview-White Lake Fire

Check out Oliver Daily News (link on sidebar) photos of fire tonight in Fairview White Lake area, and photos of the East of Oroville fire from the other side.

Thoughts are with Baldy Family members working at, or living too close to the fire tonight.

East of Okanogan Valley, South of the Border

Guru has been watching this one for many hours - choppers bucketing earlier today, and Guru's source says they will be attacking with all the resources they have. Smoke is visible from Baldy - appeared to be moving North earlier this evening, now appears to be moving more to the east.
A long way from us, but looks closer. I drove down the road a bit to put the distance in better perspective.

Storm Last Night

Apparently there was a spectacular lightning show with little rain starting at 3:00am this morning. I slept through it, but apparently others watched and listened for an hour and a half.